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Clear Roles & Voracious Accountability

In a survey conducted by the Gallup Organization several years ago, employees identified the things they most needed from their work environment in order to stay engaged. The list included positive feedback, someone being interested in the employee’s career growth, and good communication. But the most important thing identified by those who completed the survey was clarity [...] Read more »

How Do We Measure Success?

How do we measure the value of our work? Of our organizations? What criteria do we use to measure our success? We have seen many times the commercials produced by MasterCard that juxtapose the financial value one receives from purchasing goods/services with a credit card with the “priceless” value of that same card – the [...] Read more »

A Sense of Purpose

In order to stay healthy, an organization needs a strong purpose. But what is the source of that purpose? Some organizations are driven by a purpose that comes from within the hearts and minds of the founders. A brilliant idea or a value they want to see expressed in the world. They believe in that purpose even when there is [...] Read more »

The ONE thing holding you back

I wish you’d stop it. I see it all the time. Smart business owners trying to do it all. Themselves.  It’s your primary source of energy drain and frustration – doing things you don’t want to be doing or aren’t good at doing. Some might say ‘well, it needs to be done.”. Perhaps so.  But [...] Read more »

The Bamboo Business

Chris straight pose edit copy-3 cropped square

As I’ve been developing my business, I’ve been witnessing my personal and business path so far. The story of how wild bamboo grows is my teacher as I move down this path of business growth.  As I wind down this time of contributing to the Wellness Possibilities Provider Community, I wanted to share it with [...] Read more »

Ditch your CRM!

CRM. Most people know this acronym as a type of computer software. “What CRM do you use?” “Do you have a CRM?” Most people believe it’s a place to manage the contact with your customers or clients. WRONG! Client Relationship Management (CRM) is a WAY TO DO BUSINESS, not a computer software system. WHAT DOES [...] Read more »

Putting your ASK out there

Assume. You know what ‘they’ say about doing it. Yet I see it and hear it and experience it being done ALOT in business. Many times, we may not even know we’re doing it. Other times, we may find ourselves creating a whole story around something based on little or no fact. If you asked [...] Read more »

Dream. Plan. Action.

”A Dream without a Plan is just a Wish.” “Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal.” Just the word “plan” can send the strongest of servicepreneurs running in the other direction.  In my experience, most servicepreneurs are creative-types and creative-types tend to shy away from planning anything.  We want to ‘go with [...] Read more »

Too Much? Too Little? – Restoring Organizational Balance

Margaret Maat

When was the last time you suffered a stomach ache? Or limped on a sore foot? Or experienced a flutter in your heartbeat? When we are ill, our first impulse is to find out what is causing the “dis-ease” so that we can regain our health. Some health care providers offer quick fix solutions that [...] Read more »

The best kept referral secret

Over the past two weeks, I’ve heard the same question a few times:  “How do I go about asking for referrals from friends and family?”  Upon further dialogue, it seems there is a level of comfort to ask for referrals in business but not in our personal lives. So, as Summer rounds the bend and [...] Read more »

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